ICEX webinar presentation: Opportunities for Spanish companies in Chilean aquaculture (6/05/2021)

Our aquaculture responsible Carlos Rodríguez attended as a speaker in the webinar organized by ICEX regarding the operation and projection of aquaculture in the Chilean market. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with this institution.

ICEX, in collaboration with Acuiplus, is organizing this informative session to publicize the business opportunities presented by the aquaculture sector in Chile for Spanish technology and equipment suppliers. This day is complementary to the virtual trade mission to Chile that will be held the week of July 12 to 16, 2021.

Chile is a privileged country for the development of aquaculture, since the availability of more than 4,200 km of coast must be added to the exceptional environmental conditions of water quality and temperature.

Chilean companies in the sector have been able to take advantage of this excellent starting position to develop a leading aquaculture industry and position themselves as the eighth largest producer of fish in aquaculture, the fourth in finfish and the second in salmonids. Likewise, Chile has positioned itself as the world's third largest producer of molluscs.

The Chilean aquaculture industry is eminently exporting, so the growing world demand opens up exceptional growth prospects; Fish production through this system is expected to grow by around 30% by 2,030 and to become the second largest export sector in the national economy, only surpassed by copper exports.