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Cenmetrin Pour-On


Cenmetrin Pour-On
ff Pour-on


Pharmaceutical form

Pour-on emulsion

Target species

Sheep / Cattle

Pack sizes

Bottles of 500 ml, 1 Lt. and 2,5 Liters.


Composition per ml:


7.5 mg

Excipients: Formaldehyde solution 35 %

Other excipients n.q.

Posology and administration via

Cattle: TICKS: 15 ml/100 Kg single dose, + 500 Kg-75 ml/animal. Can be repeated at 4-5 weeks.
FLIES: Till 100 Kg-10 ml, from 100 to 300 Kg-20 ml, +300Kg-30 ml. Can be repeated at 8-10 weeks.
LICES: Till 500 Kg-10 ml, +500 Kg-20 ml. Can be repeated at 8-10 weeks.
Ovine / caprine: 10 ml/animal. Can be repeated at 4-5 weeks for TICKS, and at 8-10 weeks for FLIES and LICES

Pour-on from back to tail.

Withdrawal periods

Meat: 18 days
Milk: 12 hours

Meat: 35 days
Milk: 11 hours


Cenmetrin Pour-On