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Rumicen polvo

Ruminatory / Anti-tympanic

Rumicen polvo
ff Powder

Ruminatory powder

Pharmaceutical form

Dietary supplemental feed to reduce risk of acidosis

Target species

Sheep / Goats / Cattle


Pack sizes

Package containing 60 g.


Composition per kg.:

Dicalcium phosphate

250 gr.

Magnessium oxide

100 gr.

Zinc oxide

1 gr.

Sodium propionate

308 gr.

Polyoxypropylene-polioxietilene polymers

5 gr.

Gentian lutea

160 gr.

Foeniculum officinale

75 gr.

Chamaemelum nobile

65 gr.

excipients n.q.

Posology and administration via

Ruminants weighting more than 200 kg. b.w.: 1 bag in 1 liter of water or camomile. Dose can be repeated if necessary after 12 hours.
Ruminants weighting less than 200 kg. b.w.: 1/2 bag in 1/2 liter of water or camomile.

Oral via.