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ff Injectable

Amoxycillin injectable

Pharmaceutical form

Injectable suspension

Target species

Sheep / Swine / Cattle / Cats / Dogs

Pack sizes

  • Box with 1 vial of 100 ml
  • Box with 1 vial of 250 ml
  • Box with 10 vials of 100 ml
  • Box with 10 vials of 250 ml
    Not all pack sizes may be marketed.



Amoxycillin (trihydrate)

150 mg

Butylhydroxytoluene (E321)

0.08 mg

Butylhydroxyanisole (E320)

0.08 mg

Excipients n.q.

Indications for use

Infections produced by bacteria sensitive to amoxicillin in:

  • Digestive tract.
  • Respiratory tract.
  • Urogenital tract.
  • Skin and soft tissues.
    As well as bacterial complications of other diseases sensitive to amoxicillin.

Posology and administration via

Administration via: Intramuscular in bovine, ovine and porcine / Intramuscular or subcutaneous in dogs and cats.
Doses for all the species:
10 mg of amoxicillin / kg body weight / day (equivalent to 0.66 ml / 10 kg body weight, every 24 hours) during a maximum of 5 – 7 consecutive days.
If an improvement of the process is not seen at 48 hours of starting the treatment, diagnosis must be reconsidered.
The body weight of the animals should be determined as accurately as possible to avoid underdosing. Respect a maximum volume per injection site of:
Bovine: 20 ml.
Porcine: 6 ml.
Ovine: 5 ml.
Provide sufficient separation between the injection sites when several administration sites are required. Give a light massage at the injection site. Shake the container before use.
A dosing gun should be used as the rubber stopper of the vial can only be perforated securely up to 20 times.

Withdrawal periods

Meat: Bovine: 46 days.
Porcine: 16 days.
Ovine: 46 days.
Milk: Not authorised for use in animals producing milk for human consumption.