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In 2010, our company diversified its business activities to include products designed for the aquaculture market.

Since that moment, our priority has been meeting the needs and requirements of the sector, striving to provide effective top-quality products for the improvement of the health and welfare of fish destined for human consumption.

CENAVISA’s aquaculture department has a multidisciplinary team who work in collaboration with the sector’s leading research centres, universities and specialists.

Nowadays, thanks to the company commitment to aquaculture, we market and sell our own line of aquaculture products under the name AQUACEN.

Our plans for the future include the development and supply of a wide range of specialised pharmaceutical products for fish, intended to cover numerous therapeutic applications.

About Cenavisa

CENAVISA is a veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory with extensive experience in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of veterinary products. Founded in Reus in 1965, it has acquired an extensive national and international commercial activity from its beginning thanks to the recognized quality, safety and efficacy of its products.

The range of pharmacological specialties that are elaborated and commercialized by CENAVISA meet a series of requirements demanded, that remain in accordance to the rules inherent to the pharmaceutical industry (G.M.P., Good Manufacturing Practices). The advanced technology used and the strict conditions of sterility, provide our products the maximum sanitary and conservation guarantees.


For further information, please contact us by e-mail to the following address:

For Spain: info@cenavisa.com
For export: info.export@cenavisa.com

Phone number (+34) 977 757 273


In case you want to report a possible adverse reaction to a product of CENAVISA, please contact our Pharmacovigilance Department:

Phone number: (+34) 676 864 622
E-mail: fjuan@cenavisa.com

Where to find us?

Headquarters & manufacturing site

Carrer dels Boters, 4
43205 REUS

Phone number (+34) 977 757 273

GPS Lat 41,138 / Lon 1,109
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Manufacturing site 2

San Jaime, s/n

Phone number (+34) 964 562 196

GPS Lat 39,953 / Lon -0,077
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Carrer Capçanes, 16
Pol. Ind. Agro Reus
43206 REUS

Phone number (+34) 636 05 41 00

GPS Lat 41,158 / Lon 1,084
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