Aquasur, Chile

22 march 2024

It was a privilege to be present at a new edition of AquaSur, the most prominent fish farming fair in the southern hemisphere. During these days, we had the opportunity to take the pulse of an industry that fills us with hope to address the challenge of feeding a growing global population with healthy products.

We thank CLUB INNOVACIÓN ACUICOLA - CHILE for the invitation to attend the meeting where the International Aquaculture Innovation Alliance was formalized.

Over three days, the Chilean aquaculture industry showcased its strength and unity at AQUASUR 2024, the most significant trade event in its history.

With over 22,738 visitors - a 97% increase from 2022 - and a significant impact in southern Chile, the exhibition organized by FISA of the GL events Group concluded successfully, featuring more than 480 exhibitors, 1,800 brands, and participants from 20 countries. Companies showcased new technologies and innovations at the TMP Logistics Center in Puerto Montt, covering 17,000 m².

“AQUASUR created over 4,200 jobs and generated more than $12 million in Puerto Montt, also benefiting the hotel sector,” said Francisco Sotomayor, CEO of GL events Chile.

The 12th edition attracted 3,751 international delegates, with notable participation from the United States, Norway, Denmark, Brazil, and China. Events included AQUASUR Night and a camaraderie dinner at the Radisson Hotel in Puerto Varas.

Rodrigo Lobo, acting general manager of FISA, highlighted the collaboration of the country's leading aquaculture companies and the sector's sustainable growth as key to AQUASUR's success.

The International Congress, part of the event, featured 11 panels with over 50 speakers discussing the blue transformation and the future of aquaculture. The public-private "Yelcho Project" agreement was also signed to develop a vaccine against SRS, aiming to reduce antibiotic use in the industry.

Paula Miranda, AQUASUR manager, emphasized the importance of bringing science and industry closer together to address challenges.

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