Aquaculture Fair in Pordenone, Italy

16 february 2024

Cenavisa attended the Aquafarm 2024 event, held on February 14th and 15th in Pordenone, Italy. Aquafarm is recognized as one of the leading events in Europe dedicated to aquaculture, shellfish farming, algaculture, and sustainable fishing, serving as a key gathering for industry professionals in the Mediterranean region.

Organized by Pordenone Fiere, Aquafarm serves as an essential platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and networking among leaders in the aquaculture sector. With a conference program led by a dedicated Scientific Committee, the event highlighted the latest advances and ideas shaping the future of sustainable aquaculture and fishing.

In the previous edition, Aquafarm attracted 130 exhibitors and visitors from over 35 countries, underscoring its growing international relevance. With the next edition aiming to surpass these numbers, Aquafarm 2024 consolidates its position as the premier destination for industry professionals seeking the latest trends and emerging developments.

Aquaculture plays a vital role in meeting the growing global demand for seafood, representing 46% of the total consumed worldwide. CENAVISA's presence at Aquafarm 2024 underscores its commitment to innovation and sustainability in aquaculture. This prominent event reflects the industry's increasing importance in meeting the global demand for seafood and promoting responsible practices.

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