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Noan desinfectante

Desinfectant / Insecticide / Sanitizer

Noan desinfectante
ff Biocide

DDAC + Glutaraldehyde

Pharmaceutical form

Desinfectant solution

Target species

Poultry / Sheep / Goats / Swine / Cattle / Horses / Rabbits

Pack sizes

Bottles containing 5 and 25 litres.



Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride

100 mg


150 mg

Excipients, n.q.

Indications for use

Livestock facilities (floors, walls, ceilings, pits, cesspits), equipment, transport and work vehicles, footbath, incubation rooms and hatchers, cages, batteries, feeders and drinkers, milking parlours, veterinary clinics, zoological centers, facilities and aquaculture equipment.

Posology and administration via

Use 3 ml of product / litre of water for treat 10m2.
Apply by spraying, pulverisation or aspersion.


Desinfectant for veterinary use.
For cleaning and desinfection of surfaces, floors, walls and ceilings in poultry and livestock farms.