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Aquacen Benzocaine


Aquacen Benzocaine


Pharmaceutical form

Concentrate for dip solution

Target species


Atlantic salmon and trout.

Pack sizes

1 l clear bottles and 5 l white barrels of high density polyethylene.
1 l bottles have an extraction tube and a measuring device. Bottles are closed with screw caps with polyethylene seal with foamed polyethylene shutter disc.
5 l barrels are closed with a polyethylene screw cap and disc for thermo induction.

Not all pack sizes may be marketed.


Active substance:


200 mg


Patent blue V (E-131)


Propylene glycol

Indications for use

Anesthesia and sedation of salmon and trout.

Posology and administration via

Dissolve 15-20 ml of AQUACEN BENZOCAINE 200 mg/ml per 100 liters of water (equivalent to 30-40 mg of benzocaine per 1 liter of water) depending upon the desired depth of anesthesia.

Withdrawal periods

7 degree-days


Data sheet

Promotional brochure

Aquacen Benzocaína