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Aquacen O2 Polvo

Desinfectant / Insecticide / Sanitizer

Aquacen O2 Polvo

Oxygen Booster

Target species


Pack sizes

8 kg


Disodium carbonate, compounded with Hydrogen Peroxide (2: 3): 850 mg
Excipient: 150 mg

Indications for use

Oxygen releasing booster, which allows oxygenation of the water column quickly and efficiently in brine shrimp and larvae tanks.

Posology and administration via

Administer 50 to 300 ppm of AQUACEN O2 POWDER in the tank water.
For good homogeneity, first prepare a 2% solution (20 g of AQUACEN O2 POWDER in 1 L of water) and administer in the tank from 2.5 ml (50 ppm) to 15 ml (300 ppm) of the previous solution per liter of water.