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Salumine Spray

Topic spray

Salumine Spray

Aerosol for the hygiene

Pharmaceutical form

Oregano oil

Target species

Cattle / Swine / Poultry / Sheep / Goats / Horses / Rabbits

Pack sizes

Spray of 210/150ml.


Oil of Coridothymus Capitatus.
Excipients, colourant and propelant, n.q.

Indications for use

All the species of mammals and birds: Product for the higiene and care of the animals. Helps to keep the phisiological conditions of the skin and hoves.

Posology and administration via

Shake before use.
Apply during 1 to 2 seconds on the clean surface keeping the flask at about 20 cm of the skin or hoves. Application can be repeated daily depending on necessity.

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Salumine Spray