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Florfenicen 300 mg/ml


Florfenicen 300 mg/ml
ff Injectable

Florfenicol injectable

Pharmaceutical form

Injectable solution

Target species

Sheep / Swine / Cattle

Pack sizes

Vials containing 100 and 250 ml.
C.P. 10 x 100 ml. and 10 x 250 ml


Composition per ml.:


300 mg.

Excipients, n.q.

Posology and administration via

Cattle: i.m.: 1 ml./15 Kg b.w./Twice 48 h.- s.c.: 2 ml./15 Kg b.w.once only.
Pigs: i.m.: 1 ml./20 Kg b.w./twice at 48 h. intervals.

Intramuscular in cattle and pigs.
Subcutaneus in cattle.

Withdrawal periods

Meat: Bovine: IM via: 30 days. SC via: 44 days.
Porcine: 18 days.
Ovine: 39 days.
Milk: Don't use.