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Hematicen 200 mg/ml

Vitamin / Aminoacid / Mineral / Additive

Hematicen 200 mg/ml
ff Inyectable

Iron (III) Gleptoferron

Pharmaceutical form

Injectable Solution

Target species


Pack sizes

Pack sizes:
Box with 1 vial of 100 ml
Box with 1 vial of 200 ml
Box with 10 vials of 100 ml
Box with 10 vials of 200 ml


Each ml contains:
Active substance:
Iron (III) 200.0 mg
(as Gleptoferron 532.6 mg)
Phenol 5.0 mg

Indications for use

For the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in piglets.

Posology and administration via

The product is administered as a single 1 mL (200 mg iron) dose by deep
intramuscular injection. Inject once between the 1st and the 3rd day of life.
The use of a multidose syringe is recommended. To refill the syringe use a
draw-off needle to avoid excessive broaching of the stopper.
Do not broach the 100 ml vial more than 20 times and a 200 ml vial more than
50 times.

Withdrawal periods

Meat and offal: Zero days