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Hepatocen liquido

Vitamin / Aminoacid / Mineral / Additive

Hepatocen liquido
ff Líquido

Liver protector

Pharmaceutical form

Complementary feed for ruminants, pigs and poultry

Target species

Poultry / Sheep / Goats / Swine / Cattle / Horses / Rabbits

Pack sizes

Package containing 1 and 5 liters.


Composition per ml.:
Vitamin B1 2,5 mg, Vitamin B2 5,5 mg, Vitamin B6 3.5 mg, Cyanocobalamin 15 mg, Pantothenic acid 8 mg, Nicotinamide 8 mg, Methionine 10 mg, Sorbitol 250 mg, 1,2 propanediol 250 mg.

Posology and administration via

1-2 ml./Liter of drinking water.

Administer by oral via in the drinking water 1-2 ml/Liter.