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Anti-inflammatory / Antipyretic

ff Inyectable

Flunixin injectable

Pharmaceutical form

Injectable soluttion

Target species

Swine / Cattle / Horses

Pack sizes

Vials containing
50, 100, 250 ml.
C.P 10x50, 10x100
and 10x250ml.


Composition per ml.:

Flunixin (as flunixin meglumine)

50 mg

Excipients, n.q.

Posology and administration via

Cattle: 2.2 mg of flunixin /kg b.w. Intravenous via is recommended.
Horses: 1.1 mg of flunixin/ kg b.w. Can be administered by intravenous via.
Treatment can be repeated when the colic pain appear again.
Pigs: 2.2 mg / kg b.w. by deep IM injection. Administer every 12 hours.

Administer by IV via (cattle, horses) or IM via (pigs)