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Aquacen formaldehyde 380 mg/ml


Aquacen formaldehyde 380 mg/ml
ff Líquido


Pharmaceutical form

Concentrate for dip solution

Target species


Turbot (Psetta maxima) and Gilthead (Sparus aurata)

Pack sizes

White 25 l barrel
Blue 200 l barrel
Blue 1000 l barrel
Clear 1000 l barrel

Not all pack sizes may be marketed.


Active substance:


380 mg



Purified water

Indications for use

Turbot: Control of external parasitosis by Philasterides dicentrarchi. At the recommended dose and posology, the mortality of infested animals is reduced, but the infestation is not completely eliminated. The treatment is not effective once the parasite has penetrated inside the fish.
Gilthead: Treatment and control of external parasitosis by Sparicotyle chrysophrii.

Posology and administration via

Administration route: dipping.

Bath with 95 g of formaldehyde/1000 L of water, equivalent to 250 ml of AQUACEN-FORMALDEHYDE 380mg/ml / 1000 L of water, for one hour.

In gilthead is considered a single application while in turbot, bathing will be done once a week for a maximum of 3 consecutive applications.

Withdrawal periods

Zero degree-days.


Aquacen Formaldehyde